what is deercat?
deercat is a collaboration of homemade, re-purposed, and outsourced goods that provide aesthetic inspiration for the soul. Our mission is to contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle for our patrons, spread our knowledge and love to those who seek it, and do what we can to help create a sense of community.
the science of soap and chemistry of candles
At deercat, we take our knowledge and background in science and apply it to our products.  Our all natural soaps are methodicallly formulated, with each batch having a purpose given by it's ingredients.  Our beeswax candles, as charming as they may be, also have a purpose based on the chemistry of how they burn and what they do for your air.  For more information, click each product from the dropdown menu above.
meet the maker

the journey of a stray cat

I was born in Napa, CA and grew up in a small mountain town close to Lake Tahoe.  I was blessed with a strong and capable mother who could build, create, or craft almost anything.  I learned to make from an early age.

After receiving a Biochemistry degree from UCDavis, I moved to San DIego, where I worked in the biotech industry focused on Leukemia research.  I loved San Diego with all my heart.  I loved the people, the beach, the weather, and my career.  It was there that I began mixing my love of science, with the passions of a maker that my mother instilled in me.

Somewhere in that time I met the love of my life while on vacation.  And guess where he lived... Atlanta, GA.

hi atlanta - i'm michaela!